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AMALTUP come to BIOFACH 2022

After 3 years of existence, a distribution network that extends to more than 1000 shops throughout France Amaltup are actively developing its activity on the international market.

Already present in Belgium and Luxembourg, the company wants to conquer new countries !

That is why we announce that Amaltup will be present at the largest international organic trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany :

- Biofach from 15 to 18 February 2022

Biofach is more than 50,000 visitors, 3500 exhibitors and 136 countries represented.

This fair will be a perfect showcase for Amaltup to present its French-made, artisanal and innovative organic products to the world.

In particular, it will its Aperitif range with crackers and fresh goat's milk spreads perfect for an aperitif, its Snack range with goat milk jams and its irresistible goat milk chocolate spreads, without forgetting the new range, the Dej&Diner range composed of goat's cheese sauce to accompany your dishes and enhance their flavours.

Join us from 15 to 18 February at the international bio fair Biofach in the French pole with Business France, we would be happy to meet you! 🤗

Amaltup team.

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