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Gift box


  So Chèvre Aperitif gift box : 

3 fresh goat cheese spreads

+ 1 hummus

+ 1 olive paste

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 So Chèvre gift box :

2 goat cheese sauces

+ 2 fresh goat cheese spreads


Découvrir les tartinettes

The So Chèvre aperitif range

All the gourmet and delicate taste of fresh goat cheese as an aperitif !


Our So Chèvre aperitif spreads tomato & basil, peas & mint, carrot & Espelette pepper, zucchini & curry, beetroot & cumin, coral lentils & paprika and pumpkin & nutmeg, as well as our hummus and our black and green olive paste have a melting and creamy texture that blends perfectly with the delicate touch of fresh goat cheese. They are the allies of successful aperitif evenings. What's more, they contain only simple, natural and organic ingredients !


They are ideal for spreading on toast or blinis, for accompanying vegetable sticks or breadsticks and even as a secret ingredient in quiches and cakes !

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