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All the gourmet and delicate taste of goat milk

Organic, good and smart


Our milk jams and spreads are made during the spring months, when the natural goat milk production is at its highest.

Why is that ? Because our mission at Amaltup is to limit wastage by bringing added value to seasonal milk surplus into natural, tasty and innovative products !


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So Chèvre sucré boutique


Goat milk jam plain



Goat milk jam with



Bourbon vanilla

Goat milk jam with

Bourbon vanilla



Goat milk chocolate



Découvrir la confiture

So Chèvre snack

All the gourmet and delicate taste of goat milk for a snack!

Our tasty goat milk jams range is cooked slowly in a bain-marie. They contain only simple, natural and organic ingredients! 


Without oil, our So Chèvre spread has a melting texture combining praline, chocolate, goat milk and chestnut cream.

Ideal for spreading at breakfast or snack time, as a topping on white cheese or rice pudding, they are also irresistible as a secret ingredient in pastries.

Our eco-friendly tip ? Amaltup is committed to making the most of seasonal milk surplus by producing its aperitif range as much as possible in the spring !

Tartines et brioches à la confiture de lait de chèvre
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