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The Amaltup’s Community

The founder and manager

Sébastien Duboc is an agricultural engineer. After various experiences in the agricultural sector (milking equipment, animal nutrition, livestock consultant) and a two-year adventure as a farmer-cheesemaker, he wanted to give more meaning to his passion for the goat sector by creating Amaltup.

What could be more logical than undertaking to support the goat industry in France, the world leader in this field ?


The Amaltup team

Fabrice is a young retiree who has devoted his career to launching new products for innovative, human-sized SMEs in the food industry. He was infected by the passion of his cousin Sébastien.

Amélie is a dynamic young woman, crazy about So Chèvre spreads :) She has a higher national Diploma (HND) in Executive Secretary studies and several years of experience in tradeTand secretarial work. Her mission is to support the development of the company and its daily operations.

Lucas is a passionate about exports, Lucas comes from the Nantes region and joins the Amaltup team this fall. After a commercial BTS, he is preparing a professional degree in international trade. His mission? To accompany Amaltup in its development abroad. Relational, commercial, administrative, translation, logistics, a great challenge to make our ranges known beyond the borders of France !

Our values

Amaltup s'engage
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Amaltup's opinion

The sector's potential for innovation could be further and in a more efficient way exploited. The sector has some particularities :


A strong seasonality with a production peak in spring


Incredible waste of "whey", a by-product of cheese production with high nutritional value, which is currently considered as waste


A shortage of French organic goat's milk in relation to consumer demand, requiring the use of imports

The Amaltup response

A strong commitment to the goat industry and an innovative entrepreneurial adventure, based on 4 pillars :

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Processing goat's milk from the spring and summer production peaks

Creating and developing simple, original and tasty products

Enhancing the value of by-products and their nutritional value (minerals and trace elements in particular)

Promoting and supporting the transition to a bio based economy among French farmers

Why promote the transition to a bio based economy ?

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At Amaltup we encourage organic farming, but what does this label specifically mean for the well-being of the goats? We explain it all to you !


Un accès au pâturage dès que les conditions le permettent afin que les chèvres se nourrissent d'herbe fraîche.


Une alimentation bio et locale : au moins 60% des aliments doivent provenir de la ferme, ou de fermes voisines


Une taille raisonnable des élevages : le nombre de chèvres est limité pour que les fermes restent à taille humaine

This is why our milk is so good !

High quality proteins 

       8 essential amino acids necessary for the body

       Fewer allergic reactions compared to cow's milk

Quickly absorbed fats 

       Little storage in the body

       Low glycemic index

       Highly digestible source of energy

Limited lactose content

An important source of vitamins and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, etc.)

The benefits of goat's milk

Notre histoire

Our adventure

The company Amaltup, carrying the Avril&May and So Chèvre brands, was created in February 2018. The name of our company comes from Amalthée, which means "tender goddess" « Amáltheia » in Greek, a mythological figure representing the goat that feeds the god Zeus... and from startUP, the young, innovative and dynamic company that we represent !  


Our HQ is based in Touraine: in the heart of the goat basin and the first Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) goat cheese area in France (Sainte-Maure de Touraine), which allows us to source locally.

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The founder's message

"Amaltup's primary mission is to valorise the seasonal surplus of milk production and the by-products of the organic goat industry (whose nutritional properties are often estimated) into innovative, natural and tasty products".

Where to find our products ?

  • Local shops

  • Organic shops

  • Commercial catering

  • Online sales at


Our products are already available in over 800 outlets since our launch in 2018 !

Do you want to become a trading partner of our products? Send us your request via our business contact form !

They support us !

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On parle de nous

About us

You are not the only ones who are curious ! To find all the news, press releases and articles, TV and radio news articles about Amaltup and our products, click here !

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